Before You Invest In Silver, Here Are 4 Facts You Need To Know

Silver is an ancient commodity

Silver has been around for ages. It is a precious metal that is used for jewelry and ornaments. Today, silver is used across multiple manufacturing industries. As a metal, silver has unique properties. This makes it attractive for use in the automotive and electronics industry.

The silver market is hard to manipulate

JP Morgan was fined 1 billion dollars for trying to manipulate the silver market. Guess what? He failed. Silver is too large a commodity to be manipulated. But if you were to try, you’d need a lot of money. The average retail trader doesn’t have that kind of money.

Photo by Robert Haverly on Unsplash

Silver prices rise when the global market prices fall

Silver has been recession-proof for decades. While other types of financial instruments can be influenced by the economy, silver stands strong. Additionally, many investors turn to silver when they predict that the economy might take a hit.

Photo by MayoFi on Unsplash

The amount of silver available is limited

While the silver market is vast, the amount available to retail traders is small. There are only a handful of silver owners, so they control the supply and demand. As stated before, silver is not easy to manipulate. Experts say that if retail traders aren’t careful, they might mess around and lose their shirts!



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