If You Want To Double Your Investments Here Are 4 Reasons Why Vintage Sports Cards Are Better Than Stocks

When it comes to money, the people on Wall Street make a lot of it. Those guys sit in front of computer screens and leverage millions of dollars in stocks and indices daily.

If you have the skills and know where to look, you can make yourself a lot of money. But the biggest hindrance to many people when it comes to trading is capital.

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This is why the major players are banks, hedge funds, and multinational conglomerates. They have the spending power and are positioned to make the most profit on their trades.

They are also positioned to lose a lot of money too, but many of them only trade on a small percentage of their capital. At your current financial status, could you afford to lose $5000? What if you had 1 million dollars, would it hurt to lose $5000 now? Probably not.

Vintage sports cards can be expensive too, but the inherent value exceeds stocks in many ways.

The following reasons highlight how cards are better than stocks.

Studies show that if you had invested in the PWCC 500 index (baseball cards) 10 years ago, your ROI would be 165%. Conversely, a 10 year ROI on the S&P 500 would yield 71%.

If this is the kind of ROI you want to have, then you should invest in sportscards!

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Forbes, Gary V, Kevin Durant, and Logan Paul all agree that sportscards are the future. The names mentioned are multi-million dollar earners in their respective fields. If there is anything we know about rich people, it’s that they want to stay rich for as long as possible.

So if they see value in the sportscard market, why shouldn’t you try to invest in the market too?

Sportscards can withstand economic struggles

Just like the music industry, sportscards are recession-proof! The only force that could affect them is Covid-19. And let’s face it, Covid-19 affected everyone negatively at some point.

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People have a deeper connection to sportscards than stocks

People aren’t that connected to stocks. They understand the value that it has but, they won’t impulse buy stocks. But they will impulse buy a sportscard!

With the right customer, the right card, and a good marketing technique, you can set your family up for life with one baseball card!

The 1910 “ Jumbo ” Honus Wagner card cost $500,000 in 1995. In 2000, it was sold for $1.27 million. But today, that card is worth 3.12 million dollars. Isn’t this enough money for your children’s children?

Some naysayers might try to predict the decline of the sportscard, but experts say baseball and basketball cards will increase in value over the next five years. Even if it’s just for five years, you have an opportunity to make more money than people do in a lifetime!

If you’re from Phoenix, AZ, and you want to get in on the action, Collectibles Investment Group is your number one stop!



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