Thinking About Popping The Big Question? Here’s the Best Advice You’ll Ever Get About Choosing The Ring

Anyone who’s ever gotten engaged can tell you that while the romantic candlelight dinner, rose petal carpet, or champagne under the stars in a spectacular location make for a good precursor, the ingredient that guarantees you’ll receive a yes to your proposal is the ring.

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You’d be surprised to learn that 53% of people who were interviewed in a survey revealed that they rejected the marriage proposal because they didn’t like the ring. This is a clear indication that if you don’t choose the right ring, your well-thought-out proposal could go sideways.

So, if you want your proposal to end in a “yes, of course, I’ll marry you!”, here’s what you should know before you select the ring:

Custom design the ring

An engagement ring is a special ring. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in life and those who receive it, remember the moment it was given for the rest of their lives. It’s a piece of jewelry that people cherish since the sentimental value is astronomical.

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When you custom design the ring it gives you the chance to choose a design that’s one of a kind and that reflects the personality of that special someone. Walking into a store and choosing a generic ring from their collection is less personal and symbolic than designing one yourself.

The whole process of custom designing a ring is simpler than you might think. It involves:

  • Coming up with your design
  • Working with a jeweler to fine-tune the design
  • Looking a mold of what the ring will look like to make sure it’s exactly what you want
  • Collecting your unique piece of jewelry

Pick a reputable jeweler

Since the answer to your proposal hinges on the ring, you’ll want to make sure you get it from someone who knows rings. There are many jewels out there, but few have decades of experience in working with precious gems.

Photo by Andie Gómez-Acebo on Unsplash

Find out all you can about jewelers near you and factor in customer reviews, previous works, and the number of years they’ve been in the business into your decision.

Don’t worry about the cost

You might’ve heard that you have to spend a lot of money on an engagement ring. While this is not necessarily true, it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few extra bucks to make it special. However, it’s possible to have a beautiful custom-designed ring at a price that wouldn’t deplete your bank account.

Many people don’t deal with disappointment well, especially if they’ve been disappointed on a special occasion by someone special. So, to avoid disappointment when you propose, make sure you get the ring right!



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